Now that everyone had a chance to say their last goodbye to you, I am writing my last words to you, Sister.  Rick and I had said it was God’s plan to bring our family together, so that we can be our sibling’s guardian. We always had the best time on girls night after a long work week, watching romantic rated R movies that made Rick jealous. I loved watching the way you and Rick fed off of each other’s goofiness when teasing me about things going over my head, and I just laugh along because it’s true. Your breakfast spreads were the best, regardless if you would leave me a mess to clean up. Our family movie nights were the coziest with that long, giant crocheted blanket you made while in rehab, so all five of us could fit under it. You were always able to connect with the kids and be understanding to them when Rick and I can’t. Our thrift store trips always ended up with totally spending more than we intended, and pissing Rick off for bringing more junk home. You were the best daughter to your mom and it made my mom jealous, LOL and you said "I’d rather be more like you." I am going to miss hearing that high pitched laugh of yours, where you would scrunch up your nose and squint your eyes , when you got excited about the dumbest, most random thing. I will always remember you as the most carrying soul, who always took care of others before herself. You are my sister Olivia, because we loved each other like blood-sisters, not in-laws.

I love you always,





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