"Everyone deserves a second chance in life." -- Libby

Olivia Mae Fleming had often spoke of creating a Not-For-Profit for individuals who shared her struggle with substance abuse but lacked the necessary guidance, support, or resources for survival in the “clean world”. 

After much help and deliberation from a lot of amazing friends and recruits, 

her mission became a reality with the official registration of 

One Stop Beauty Foundation in February of 2021.  

Olivia anticipated sharing her triumphant story of recovery at the blessing of the school’s facility on April 18th, 2021, as an introduction to the official reveal of the newly formed foundation, however several days prior and in a state of drug-induced psychosis, Olivia took her own life.
In light of such a heavy travesty, The Olivia Mae Lotus Scholarship has and continues to launch hope, light and life in raising money for recovering addicts and the previously incarcerated to bloom a new, happy, and healthy existence as a student of One Stop Beauty School.
Lotus flowers begin their growth secluded from sunlight, rooted in mud but eventually find the light and petal after petal they reveal their true glory. Fighting against the odds and elements, 

The Olivia Mae Lotus Scholarship seeks to nurture these seeming underdogs who have more to share and don’t have the confidence to do it themselves.  We invest, not only in people, but in humanity and the right for every individual to shine and achieve their dreams, regardless of the cards they’ve been dealt or the hands they’ve folded.

 “Second chances save lives”. Libby

The Olivia Mae Lotus Scholarship blossomed in April of 2021

In dedication of Olivia Mae Fleming February 25, 1989 – April 15, 2021

Adored daughter, sister, aunt, friend and adored by the staff and patrons of One Stop Salon Chicago.

Olivia was a beacon of light.  She brought everyone around her joy and hope.  Although she left us far too soon, she did leave behind a legacy of inspiration in the creation of the Lotus Scholarship.

A Lotus Scholar embodies:

Strength -- to always continue moving forward

Courage -- to leave their lesser versions behind

Compassion -- to help others without expectations

Empathy -- to relate with those who are struggling

These are traits that Olivia possessed, among many others.  

We invite you to nominate a candidate you believe in, to be the next Lotus Scholar