Nominate a Lotus Scholar

"We practice progress, not perfection." -- Libby

The Olivia Mae Lotus Scholarship blossomed in April of 2021

In dedication of Olivia Mae Fleming February 25, 1989 – April 15, 2021

Adored daughter, sister, aunt, friend and adored by the staff and patrons of One Stop Salon Chicago.

Olivia was a beacon of light.  She brought everyone around her joy and hope.  Although she left us far too soon, she did leave behind a legacy of inspiration in the creation of the Lotus Scholarship.

A Lotus Scholar embodies:

Strength -- to always continue moving forward

Courage -- to leave their lesser versions behind

Compassion -- to help others without expectations

Empathy -- to relate with those who are struggling

These are traits that Olivia possessed, among many others.  

We invite you to nominate a candidate you believe in, to be the next Lotus Scholar

and become a licensed Nail Technician.